Mystical Production

Mystical Production

Love your body ... and body ... will love you back. 

After years of research, study and many tryouts, “Ancient Mist” went back in time to recreate and bring back to life, authentic perfume, facial and body care products - production process that were used to manufacture healing potions for affluent members of privileged classes (nobility and royalty) in Medieval and Renaissance Eras.

Using that production guidelines, help us to save and preserve all nutrients in our “potions”. Also the ancient distillation process allows us, not only to blend all - carefully chosen elements, but to go with long aging process - before one, reaches full secret powers.

Obviously, production recipe is “Ancient Mist” trade secret, but we can disclose that its original ingredients list and several guidelines are based on John Dee work commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I of England. His work mentions first alcohol based potion made for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in 14th century (around 1370), later strongly altered and presented as a royal gift for the Charles V King of France. During 100 year war between England and France, this healing potion famous for its powers and scent, found its way to England where become very popular among nobility.

The famous nobles using this fragrant (with more or less alternated recipe but based on the same guidelines of production and ingredients) include: Charles V, Charles VII kings of France, Richard Neville 16th Earl of Warwick, Henry VIII King of England and of course, Elizabeth I Queen of England.

Production is based on organic alcohol distillation and use of 16 organic ingredients. To be able preserve all nutrients, microelements and … the most important of all … ingredients spiritual powers – we use all in their original “earthly appearance”/ form without any alternations (resins, tree bark, seeds, roots, wood, leaves … etc.). This method assure as with preserving every power in every spectrum (even unknown to us today) for each ingredient used – to the contrary to all essential oils.

Initially selected ingredients are bound together in the process then re-bound with several others to obtain particular “shade of scent” and also healing power amplified with chosen elements according to the “magic lore” of ancient wisdom. Every product require “aging time” to obtain its own potency. “Aging time” or “seasoning” is different for different products and … for instance: “Renaissance Perfume” require minimum “aging time” of 6 months, less potent “Medieval Fragrant” minimum 2.5 months and so on.

Two of our products are based on coconut oil and not on distillation process. Those are moisturizers, body oils or balms. There are also include complicated bonding processes in several steps for chosen ingredients. “Aging time” is around 2.5 months.

Those products are very potent and with strong scent.

To be historically accurate, “Ancient Mist” products are unisex and our believe is to extend opportunity, to enjoy every power coming from our products to everyone.

In the manufacturing process we distinguished two general timelines for our products: Medieval – signed with “Shield and Sword” logo (more “earthy” scent) and Renaissance – signed with “Lady Worrier” logo (more “herbal” scent).

Because of our “seasoning time” needed, our production is limited with quantities for immediate shipment and we are appreciate advance in ordering.

Every bottle with "Ancient Mist" product is separately check for its quality before shipping.

For wholesale minimum order is 10 pieces of each product. Contact us at
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