Dear Visitor,

Thank you for your interest in my artwork--and for the time you took to read my thoughts. I’ve been asked to shine a light on the path that led me to express my spiritual visions through my paintings. Because my art is very personal and spiritual to me, I have but one request before we go: Please keep an open heart and open mind —free of judgment and preconceptions, endless and infinite . . .

OK, here we go:
I draw inspiration for my paintings from many aspects of life - clouds in the sky, tree formations, stories told, other art I’ve witnessed, meditation, and even dream visions. When experiencing a vision, I see and hear a story. It is like opening a portal to that particular aspect of life. Spiritual guidance through one or more paths often leads me through a jungle of possibilities, which then suggests a subject - subjects as random as the people we are destined to meet in the future.

It is my belief that each and every one of my paintings has a destination designed to appeal to someone in the physical or spiritual world. Each vision/story/painting is meant for a special person - one who will recognize my vision and purpose, and who will understand its message. Every and each of my paintings represent a portal to various dimensions strongly charged with immortal energy. Imagine the same energy opening a new Universe of Understanding known only to a chosen one, needless of a spoken word!

Because of its spiritual energy charge, I am not selling my paintings at random. I need them to keep me company for the time being until I feel I can share a particular vision/story with others. Every one holds part of my soul. For these reasons, my paintings will not be published commercially nor shown at art galleries without my presence. I will restrict photography or copies of them. It is unimportant if others like a particular piece of art, as that painting will make sense to one special person - one who understands its message and hears its story “whisper”. . . Don’t be surprised if a certain painting/vision “haunts” you in a very positive manner!

My paintings have been shown in limited exhibitions in several Renaissance fairs and festivals in Florida where I reside. I will post dates and venues for future exhibitions here on this page. For those of you who did “brush “against my art, I can utilize video chat to illustrate and discuss my work upon viewing.

Please, one more suggestion that is perhaps contrary to today’s marketing strategies: My goal is to share my spiritual road and portal openings to the different Universes of Knowledge via my art—NOT a painting sale. Because of this philosophy, I reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason, no offense intended.

Teresa Zak


1. 150 Charlotte St. St. Augustine FL, (The "Market Place" at the "Plaza de La Constitution")

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