How Ancient Mist Was Born

In the first half of the XXI century, the original idea of creating fragrance to cure body, mind and soul lost its track. In the world of modern technology and commerce, the role of fragrant product is to bring a new scent based on latest chemistry while being able to create it quickly, efficiently and along strict budget lines.

We have lost the original idea for the fragrant use as a “magical tool” for healing, romance and beauty purposes. Today we are poisoning ourselves with chemically altered, synthetic smells that are many times stronger, not so pleasant to be around with and not healthy for us.

Where and why we lost our touch with balance between true beauty, health and spirituality? In our constant desire to fit in and to make ourselves attractive, we start to believe in illusion and we are being push to use artificial, synthetic body products like soaps, shampoos, lotions, perfumes and so on.

I felt lost in a maze of unhealthy products and fake “material happiness” to realize that living in the fast-paced world – has disconnected us from the concept of receptivity and presence.

Before “Ancient Mist” was born, I took long spiritual journey to understand and to find my inner self. Taken journey create domino of discovery. I was ready for a change and when time come to take the first step, I was sure about my right direction. I allowed myself to change my lifestyle and diet.

Then next step – the key to unlock my absolute truth about my inner I. It start to be more challenging and painful.

Through meditation and regression journeys I realized already, that the most of my values were based on “broken world” reality pieces. I’ve noticed overwhelming disharmony between chemically poisoned surroundings and my body seeking healthy and life giving organic needs.

When I connected with my roots and went back in time to meet my wise ancestors, I realized that freedom may come only with absolute authenticity and harmony between my body, mind and soul. Having this power and knowledge I felt like being reincarnated with memory of past lives. I did open door to a new life.

So, I refer back to my mother and her whole ancestral line of female forbearers. Through millennia there were all healers, wizards, medicine women and Awakened Women Light-bearers.

I did find my purpose opening myself to carry the sacred Torch for the Feminine Awakening.

Being always fascinated with our Mother Earth organic scents, it was natural to me to choose fragrant line of products. The interest lead me into history of it. Full of energy and love I looked into the past of body products and perfumes… my fascinating journey started.

Being in harmony and in contact with the roots of our healers and alchemists wisdom I use it all to make my products according to its original making guidelines (which goes back to 15th century, for more details regarding production follow link:

All my ingredients are pure and organic the same original Medieval and Renaissance base recipes.

I know my products scent can heal your soul and will nourish your skin without harm but with beautiful fragrant.

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