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"Ancient Mist" speaks to Nature.... consults with Nature... agrees with Nature... with harmony and love... works with Nature.

All “Ancient Mist” products are based on revived XIV/XV century’s recipe developed by alchemists and wizards of that times. Initially, all of them have had healing/medical/ritual applications and later on were used as fragrances. In Medieval and in Renaissance Eras all of those products applied unilaterally without any sex/gender distinction. Being historically accurate, all “Ancient Mist” products are unisex.

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“Ancient Mist” products are generally based on two main ingredients/platforms: alcohol and coconut oil.

Alcohol based products can be used as perfumes, eau du cologne, after shave … et cetera.

Coconut oil products might be applied as face moisturizer, body oil, balm … et cetera.

All our ingredients are pure and 100% organic in its original form (for all ingredients details, please refer to ) and originally were used as strong healing remedy – potion. However, please do not drink it. This is not a medicine. Keep it away from children and store in cool, shaded place (direct sun light will diminish its potency faster).

For the best results, use our products right after taking shower or bath and before getting dressed. It is guaranteed to linger around, for the most of the day.

The steam/warmth from the bathroom will open up your skin pores to absorb all the healthy nutrients from the potions and help the fragrance to stay with you.

It is wiser to use alcohol based potions behind ears, neck and on your hair. Doing this will also prevent the liquid from staining delicate clothes and tarnishing jewelry.

You will achieve gloving and silk look like skin by applying coconut oil products on your body directly (it is recommended to leave it for 2-3 minutes to be absorbed into your skin).

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Our products contain NO synthetics ingredients or dyes at all. It is vegan, gluten free, chemical free, cruelty free, preservative free and colorant free. It is also handcrafted, organic and plant based.

Made in the USA.

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