Medieval Oil


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“Medieval Oil” is based on coconut oil and has very distinctive “earthy” scent.

The more we live in balance with Nature, the more we can attune to the Wisdom of Mother Earth.

The belief that the spirit of a plant can assist in magic and healing has deep roots in history. Yet, given our modern life style, we focus on our beauty and still can use magical wisdom of herbs, to balance energy in our body, mind and soul.

With this thought in mind, let’s begin your journey with “Ancient Mist” “Medieval Oil”. The oil can be use as moisturizer for your face and will give you skin beautiful, silky glow and ensure you with the most nutrition’s, to rejuvenate your skin, add magical touch to balance your body, mind and soul.

The purpose to achieve absolute purity and the highest quality of our blend is simple. WE DO CARE - not only for your beauty but also for your healthy mind, body and balance with your soul. Please, feel welcome to visit our production page and familiar yourself with “Ancient Mist “unique and extraordinary method of making our products ( ).

For exact list of ingredients, please follow to: .

Before you start to use "Medieval Oil", please take a time and enjoy beauty of hand crafted bottle and linen made pouch.

Immerse yourself in magical whiff of "... 600 years of mystery ..." Feel love, power and passion coming to you with every wave of your new ... and ... ancient potion.


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