Why Ancient Mist for Wedding?

Weddings contain more occult rituals than any other custom in modern life. Nearly everything surrounding the wedding ceremony — from the procession of bridesmaids to the exchanging of rings — is rooted in the supernatural.

The evocative practice of stomping on a wine glass in the Jewish wedding ceremony is often explained as recalling the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D.; it is a recollection of bitterness in the midst of joy. But this practice has diverse roots. Ancient Hindus had a similar rite and believed that shattering a hollow container frightened off wicked spirits. What’s more, the breakage represented the virility of the male and the “submission” of the woman.

Using the age-old system of “sympathetic magic” English brides are supposed to wear an object belonging to an older, happily married woman in order to inherit her luck. In ancient Egypt, a circle was considered a symbol of eternity –this morphed into the wedding ring to represent an unending union. The earliest use of wedding ring appears in ancient Hebrew ceremonies, though the practice is also found in Greek and Roman culture.

The role of the bridesmaid began in ancient Rome as a way of distracting evil spirits from the happy bride. Roman bride themselves started wearing veils to hide from wicked forces. Ancient Greek consider white color as color of joy and it was reserved only for bride.

Medieval Brides tucked a few sprigs of fresh mint in their wedding gowns, believing it helped to flame the groom’s desire for them. Sage leaves were tired together in small bundles and adorned the backs of the wedding chairs. Sage is for wisdom and long life. Something I’m sure the happy couple hoped for. Love would last forever for the medieval bride and groom if they dipped a sprig of rosemary, known for its power of fidelity, into their wine goblets before drinking.


We believe “Ancient Mist” role is to bringing back our forgotten wisdom to play with romance and to use organic healthy scents as a successful tool of eternal love.

We are proud and happy to share the original 14th/15th century gateway to the kingdom of mystery and romance, health and beauty which was always one of the most guarded secrets ( )

With open heart and knowledge, we have carefully selected ingredients and created not only beautiful and charming scents, but also magical touch of our “sacred and secret recipe“ being used profusely in adorning brides and bridal chambers.

Herbs have long possessed symbolic meaning. Symbols have been essential to the language of love .The language of herbs in our potions represent Passion, Undying Love and Devotion, Joy, Long Life, Remembrance, Glory, Luck, Domestic Virtue ( ).

Our hearts are with you. We are wishing you …Magic touch… Whisper of mystery … Life of romance.

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